The Build Back Fossil Free coalition will descend on Washington D.C. in protests this October. Planned for Oct. 11-15, the protests aim to push the Biden administration to take action against the climate crisis. Among the demands on the table is for President Biden to declare a climate emergency and end fossil fuel exploration.

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Build Back Fossil Free wants the government to make even stronger commitments to fighting the climate crisis during COP26. The People vs. Fossil Fuels week of action will occur ahead of this key United Nations climate summit in Glasgow.

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“President Biden, you cannot claim to be a climate leader when you are still supporting fossil fuels. Stand with frontline communities, stand with future generations, stop approving fossil fuel projects, declare a climate emergency now,” Build Back Fossil Free said in a statement.

According to the protest schedule, there will be five days of peaceful protests. Each day will have a theme to help raise awareness on key issues. On Monday, the theme honors Indigenous Peoples Day. On Tuesday, the protests will center on fossil fuels driving the climate crisis. Wednesday’s theme is “Climate chaos is happening now,” while Thursday’s is “We need real solutions, not false promises.” The final day of protests will be youth-led, with the theme “We did not vote for fossil fuels.”

Joye Braun, Frontline Community Organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, says that recent climate change-related events such as forest fires, drought and tsunamis warrant action from the government. “The fossil fuel industry has brought devastation to our homelands and it’s time that we bring this fight to Biden’s doorstep,” said Braun. “Despite President Biden’s climate rhetoric, his administration has failed to stop major projects like the Line 3 tar sands pipeline, defended oil drilling in the Arctic, promoted fossil fuel exports, and allowed drilling, mining and fracking to continue on Native and public lands.”

Organizers also point out the government’s slow implementation of any serious action against the climate crisis. “President Biden came into office promising bold action to transform our economy with renewable energy and good jobs, but he passed the buck to a dysfunctional Congress,” said Jean Su, director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Energy Justice program.

Those interested in joining the protests can find more information that the People vs. Fossil Fuels website.

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