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The most captivating aspect of Collaptes’ furniture is in its engineering. For instance, the Macadamia chair’s assembly is much like completing a puzzle: utilizing only six cuts of wood, the chair stays together using only the weight of the person lounging upon it. Much of the pieces require no fasteners or glue, thereby reducing the need for excess hardware.

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The edgy contours of the Piccolin Table seat four and also adhere to the designer’s philosophy of making the most out of each cut of wood. The Briano Chair complements the table well and boasts a design of only nine pieces of wood. An entire dining set of four can be created from one wooden board. The Lava Stool is a clean construction, made from six pieces of wood. Three stools can also be made from just one wooden board, which reduces wasted materials. The level of ease with which each of these pieces can be assembled is good news for anyone appreciative of straightforward, yet sleek, design.

+ Cyntia Briano Alamillo / Collaptes

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Images via Collaptes