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Megaface will display three of the Games visitors’ faces at a time, each measuring 20 x 26 feet.The images will change every 20 seconds and it is said that it will portray about 170,000 unique faces during the two-week duration of the Olympics. To develop this mega cool installation, the architect worked closely with Swiss company Iart, who created the revolutionary technology.

The Megaface employs a whooping 10,000 telescopic cylinders (or pins), and it works similarly to the Pinscreen toys popularized in the 90s. Each pin is tipped with an LED light that shines through a thin flexible sheet draped over the facade materializing the 3D faces. The 3-D facial scans needed for the wall portraits will be gathered from photo-booths located on-site and all across Russia at MegaFon

+ Asif Khan

Via Archpaper

Photos by Asif Khan