Not a fan of CFL bulbs but don’t want to shell out the cash for LEDs? Enter the Electron Stimulated Luminescence bulb (ESL), designed by Vu1 Corporation. The bulb just passed UL certification — meaning it will soon be headed to store shelves.

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The bulb works by stimulating phosphor to generate light, creating a “glowing” look on the bulb’s surface. The 10,000-hour, mercury-free ESL bulb is purportedly just as energy-efficient as both LEDs and CFLs — and it’s dimmable. Vu1 claims that its bulb can disposed of without worrying about toxic elements, and it produces 50% less heat than incandescents to boot.

Want to check one out for yourself? Vu1 is hoping to have its first wave of bulbs hit store shelves in 2011.

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