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Built for a young family, the 990-square-foot, two-story home features a pitched concrete roof and is clad in light-colored limestone. The monolithic form is interrupted by skylights and three large square windows that frame views towards the hilltop church to the west, the forest to the south, and the entrance platform to the east. To create contrast with the home’s cool-toned facade, the architects inserted wooden pitched-roof volumes to the middle of the interior that contain the main rooms of the house.

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On the ground floor, the untreated wooden volumes demarcate the three communal areas that include the kitchen, living room, and shared bathroom. A wooden staircase leads up to the second floor, where the bedroom, playroom, and children’s room are located. According to the architects, this house-within-a-house concept allows “each bedroom to perform as a primarily wooden pitched house, where one literally feels like sleeping in his own (symbolic) house and not a room. The bridge connecting both houses acts as a playroom.”

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Images © Janez Marolt