If you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, how do you tell which one is right for you? With the auto industry embracing an all-electric future, 2022 is going to be a banner year for electric vehicles, from last-mile delivery scooters to full-sized trucks. EVs function just similar to combustion-engine cars, but there are some key differences. Here is what to consider when making your EV purchase.

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What type of electric vehicle is right for you?

You may want an EV to help the planet or save money on gas. Both are great reasons. Keep in mind when shopping for an EV that car shopping isn’t that different than it ever was except for what’s powering the car. You still need to keep in mind things like:

  • How many people need to fit in the vehicle
  • How much storage space you need
  • Whether the suspension or tires can handle your roads
  • If you need a car or truck
The back of a white electric car being charged.

If you live in the city, your EV might not need four doors, or even two. Write out a wish list of what you would like in a vehicle. Could an electric bike serve you in the summer? With modern options, you might be surprised.

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With an electric vehicle, it’s especially important to ask these additional questions when you’re researching:

  • What is the range?
  • What type and speed of charging is available for the vehicle?
  • How much power gets to the wheels?

Hint: Look at torque when you want to know how much power you can actually use. Torque is a predictor of how much the vehicle can pull, rather than simple horsepower. Also, if the vehicle is heavy, power doesn’t go as far, so keep an eye on excessively heavy cars. They’re not as fast as they look on paper. That said, electric cars these days are plenty fast, and the range is usually up to the needs of your average driver. You will have tons more options than you expect in 2022!

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Which EVs are best for the environment?

Now that emissions have been taken care of by an electric motor, what makes one EV more environmentally friendly than another? That comes down to factors such as the manufacturing carbon footprint and what the cars are made of.

Look for EVs that use recycled bottle fabrics for seats or environmentally friendly materials in the interior. Automakers are increasingly eager to prove to you that the entire car, not just the motor, is eco-friendly so look at the marketing materials.

Electric vehicles for every budget

Electric vehicles now come at every price point. From electric motorcycles to luxury SUVs, here are a few of our picks of electric vehicles to consider.

A person on a black motorcycle.

Zero Electric Motorcycles offer an economical alternative to an electric car and have a great range (90-160 miles). Zero makes the S, DS, and DSR bikes with Bosch brakes, BlueTooth and a color display screen. They start at just $11,000. 

Volkswagen ID.4 was introduced in 2021 as a new model and will run you from $39-48k. Volkswagen says the ID.4 was designed fresh from the ground up, which means it has maximized efficiency, range and technology instead of retrofitting an electric motor into an existing model. It has a range of 250 miles.

Ford F-150 Lightning is one of the best pickup trucks on the road, now all-electric and with a starting price of just $40k. Ford redesigned the chassis to hold the battery pack. The extended-range version with a higher price tag has 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque. Range: 300 miles.

Tesla’s Model Y Long Range is a $60k EV with an impressive list of technology onboard. It can go from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, comes with heated front and rear seats and a panoramic glass roof. It’s available with self-driving mode, a tow hitch and a third row of seats. Range: 326 miles.

Rivian R1S SUV from $70k is a sleek Landrover-esque five- or seven-passenger vehicle. Optional trim levels and an extended-range battery pack can take you farther for more cash. Range: 400 miles.

Bollinger B2 SUV may be the move if you need 614 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque and have a spare $125,000. It has a pickup bed and operates by 75-minute fast charge. Range: 200 miles.

Cars parked in front of a Tesla building.

When to buy an EV

We hope this gives you a place to start when shopping for an electric vehicle! When should you consider buying an EV? Um, how about right now? If you’re thinking about an electric vehicle, chances are you don’t have to wait anymore to find one that meets your needs. We are at a hinge point in the history of EVs, and this is the year to take the plunge. Happy driving.

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