Construction on the Samson Solar Energy Center, the largest solar energy project in the U.S., has started. Once completed, the farm will generate 1,310 megawatts of energy, by far the most energy generated by a single solar farm in the country. The solar power plant will be larger than the Gemini solar project in Las Vegas, which was slated to be the largest in the U.S. The Gemini farm is set to produce about 690 megawatts of renewable energy.

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The new solar plant will span over three counties in northeast Texas, close to the Oklahoma border. The project is being developed by Invenergy and will create over 600 jobs in the construction phase. It is also expected to generate over $450 million in tax revenue and landowner lease payments.

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The construction is slated for completion in 2023, with the plant providing solar to many factories and businesses within the state. Companies were showing interest long before construction began, and some corporations have signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Invenergy, allowing them to be part of the project once complete.

“The Samson Solar Energy Center is the latest example of what can be achieved when companies and utilities seek an innovative partner to meet their sustainability goals and invest in a clean energy future,” said Ted Romaine, senior vice president of origination at Invenergy.

More and more companies are committing to green energy, a move that has spurred development in the energy sector. A 2019 research shows that 23% of Fortune 500 companies have committed to being carbon-neutral or reaching similar targets by 2030.

“The research shows that global corporates are aligning their ambition to a new paradigm by setting science-based targets, powering their businesses 100% with renewable energy, and committing to carbon neutrality,” said Alberto Carrillo Pineda, director of science-based targets and renewable energy at CDP. “This new benchmark of corporate climate ambition sends a strong signal across the economy about the level of decarbonization that is feasible and the speed at which it can happen.”

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