Scoring free stuff at nice hotels is a rare occurence (hello, $10 bag of mini-bar peanuts!), so when a classy establishment like the Crowne Plaza pays guests to embrace green energy, we get a little bit excited. The chain’s Copenhagen hotel offers guestsfree meals for pedaling stationary bicycles to power generators.

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Crowne Plaza’s stationary bicycles are hooked up to generators, which provide electricity for the hotel. Guests staying there can receive a $36 meal voucher if they produce 10 watt-hours of electricity, which typically takes about 15 minutes of pedaling. iPhones attached to the bikes’ handlebars display power generation as it’s occurring. Crowne Plaza execs hope the offer will lessen the hotel’s carbon footprint and incentivize fitness for guests.

The fraction of the hotel’s energy generated by biking is probably pretty small, but the concept is quite novel. If all stationary bikes could be hooked up to generators like Crowne Plaza’s, think about how much carbon-free energy could be generated in places like gyms, hotels and college campuses.

Via Popular Science