Casa la Baronia, Nicolás del Rio, Max Núñez, Pacific Ocean, Chile, Corten steel, green design, sustainable design

The designers were limited by a tight budget and a very specific design brief when commissioned to build this striking seaside home, so they kept their material choices simple. A bolted timber box wrapped in weathered steel, and punctuated by glass windows, the Casa la Baronia has a small footprint of just 150 square meters but big views.

Deep horizontal windows provide excellent viewing spaces, while extensive glazing ensures that a lot of natural light penetrates the interior that is defined by an intense minimalism. The home’s cantilevering section provides space for storage and shade and the entire seaside program is reached by a long, elevated timber ramp. Completed in 2009, this enviable home is especially notable for its refined simplicity and awe-inspiring location.

+ Max Núñez

+ Nicolás del Rio

Photography by Sergio Pirrone