As many nations are discussing the best methods to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and slow down global warming, a few countries are lightyears ahead of the game. Costa Rica has achieved 99 percent renewable energy use this year, showing the rest of us it’s possible to use sustainable and readily available energy sources if we want it badly enough.

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Costa Rica’s lush jungles and waterfalls make hydropower one of the most accessible natural energy resources in the country, yet geothermal plants are catching up quickly, and officials hope to continue to build this and other industries. A statement from earlier this month boasted 100 percent renewable energy use for 285 days this year. Albeit a truly impressive achievement, the country’s goal is still 100 percent independence from fossil fuels all year.

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Wind, biomass, and solar power are also viable alternative energy sources. With the focus shifting toward addressing fossil fuel used in the transportation sector, the country hopes to hit its goal of being carbon-neutral by 2021. Costa Rican citizens seem to be behind the measures, especially as they have seen energy costs drop 12 percent over the last year, with future projections dropping even more.

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