Could the world’s first floating, water-filtering pool be coming to your nabe? +POOL has been inching closer to its dream of building a plus-shaped swimming pool that would let New Yorkers swim in cleaned-up river water, and now it’s looking at a number of possible locations for the project to land. Can you imagine hitting a riverside (or is it rivertop?) pool in Long Island City or Astoria? Those are just two of the prospective spots that could soon be home to the groundbreaking watering hole.

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New York’s first water-filtering pool will employ a very special filtration system developed by +POOL. The swimming hole would actually be four pools in one, arranged in a plus shape, with a dedicated kids area, sports pool, one for swimming laps, and one just for lounging. In addition to the Queens locations, +POOL is looking at a total of 10 locations across the city including Bush Terminal Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Domino Sugar Factory, Governors Island, Hudson River Park, St. George and Transmitter Park.

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The walls of the ingenious pool would be able to skim out bacteria, contaminants, and even odors from the river water in order to create a serene swimming environment. In order to determine the best site for a water-filtering pool, +POOL is conducting water quality tests at the various potential sites to determine which area is best suited for the capabilities of the filters. That is, they seek to determine where the water is ‘just dirty enough but not too dirty’ to become a cool new swimming spot.

The pool company says it hopes to identify their target location by the end of this year.

Via Queens Courier

Images via +POOL