There’s green building and then there is green building. While there are plenty of great options out there for creating an eco-friendly playhouse for the family, there is nothing greener than growing one right in your own garden. It’s the perfect solution for kids who spend too much time indoors, or families that want a special place to escape from it all. Even better, when you’re not hanging out in your home-grown getaway, it makes a gorgeous addition to the yard. Find out how to grow your own after the jump.

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Mistyhorizon2003 has created a great guide to creating both a bean teepee den and a willow den. Either design can be modified to work in your own space and, depending on the type of design you choose, can be a permanent addition to your yard or a temporary summer fling.

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The Runner Bean Teepee involves planting some bean seeds and training it to grow up a chicken wire and bamboo cane structure to create a green hideaway. But if you want more color in your teepee, you can grow sweet peas, Virginia creeper or even wisteria for a more permanent hideaway. The Willow Den requires creating a willow rod structure and then encouraging it to grow in the shape you want. Whichever you choose, the result is a gorgeous getaway where you can get back to nature without leaving your yard.

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Lead image by Steve James