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Industrial designer Carl Menary (also the maker of the ReTyre Clip) designed a series of four light shades for his wife Victoria to make and sell. They wanted a product made from local materials that would also appeal to owners of a wide range of homes – from historic to modern and new builds. The Minnow Light Shade series is made by wrapping or weaving pine veneer strips into delicate, yet robust shapes. The pine veneer is thin enough to let light shine through, but strong enough that it won’t split during assembly.

The veneer comes from plantation grown, renewable New Zealand pine, while the fastening clips are lasercut from bamboo, the lampholders are die-cut from recyclable polypropylene, and the pins are made out of copper. All of the materials are locally-sourced in New Zealand and put together by Victoria. Four shapes are available in a range of sizes starting at 100 mm (4 in) wide to 600 mm (23.5 in). This last year the shades were awarded a Best Award from the Design Institute of New Zealand. Minnow Light Shades are available for sale at a number of shops in New Zealand or you can purchase them online at Felt.

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Images ©Carl Menary