Earlier this year French cyclist Francois Gissy embarked on a mind-boggling thrill ride by strapping a hydrogen peroxide rocket to his bike and setting a speed record of 163 mph. Gissy recently broke his own record with the same bike by reaching a peak speed of 177.13 mph in just 6.7 seconds!

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The team arrived at a 790-meter-long (2592) track on an airfield in Interlaken, Switzerland, and attempted to break the record set back in May. The roughness of the track produced strong vibrations and shocks and the team’s efforts were made more difficult by strong winds that pushed the bike to its side. Despite these difficulties, the Frenchman managed to attain the speed of 177.13 mph, breaking the 163 mph record set in May.

The bike was equipped with a hydrogen-powered rocket manufactured by Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering and sponsored by Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot. The fuel mixture is made from a concentrated liquid hydrogen peroxide and silver that decomposes into heat, steam and oxygen that combusts, providing a thrust as the steam is forced through the rocket nozzle.

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