NYC is now home to over 1,000,000 trees, so wrapping our heads around the sheer magnitude of our urban forest is no easy task. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Brooklyn-based web developer Jill Hubley has created an impressive interactive tree map that visualizes a whopping 600,000 of the city’s trees…in detail. Hubley used official city census data to create her tree map tool, which pinpoints the exact location of each of the 168 different species located throughout the city’s five boroughs.

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Jill Bubley Tree mapImage: Jill Hubley

“Initially I was only going to do Brooklyn but I decided it would appeal to more people if I did the entire city, so I brought in all of the data,” Hubley told The Guardian. “In the end, that was absolutely the right decision, because there are striking, distinct patterns within each of the boroughs. Urban forests are vital to cities, and New York is doing a great job with tree stewardship.”

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The tree map is quite user-friendly and can be used in two ways: by either zooming in on the map to identify a particular tree or by filtering the options to see the location of a certain species throughout the city.

By breaking down the tree density in NYC by species, Hubley aimed to show the city’s lush urban forest in detail. “New York City’s urban forest provides numerous environmental and social benefits, and street trees compose roughly 25% of that canopy. While I had seen some numbers on the percentage breakdown of species throughout the city, I was interested in looking at the composition in detail. I wanted to see what patterns took shape in various neighborhoods, and across the city, and to see how the density of trees shifted.”

Currently, the map represents trees surveyed during the last tree census taken in 2005. Hubley says that she will update the information when the next round of census data is released.

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Via The Guardian

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