You won’t have to deal with disgruntled employees at the soon to be opened Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan… since they are mostly humanoid robots. The high tech hotel has employed a fleet of ten robots to serve as maids and take care of guest needs in reception. Designed by Japanese robotics company Kokoro, the robots, called “actroids,” creepily mimic functions like blinking and breathing, which is sure to either freak out or amaze hotel guests.

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Waiting for you at check-in kiosks are Korkoro’s most human-looking actroids called gynoids. Clad in matching uniforms, modern hair cuts and even make up, the receptionist-droids interact with guests, even establishing “eye” contact, whatever that means when the eye in question is a plastic robot eye. The receptionist robots can also respond to guests’ body language, as well as chat in different languages for international travelers.

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A less-creepy mechanical arm robot will then stow your luggage after check in, while others will be on hand to make coffee, clean up rooms, or other menial tasks. According to the hotel, these robots will run about 90 percent of the hotel’s operations, with a minimal real-human staff of ten to keep things under control (and not totally scary).

Aside from bringing high tech futurism to tourists, the robotic staff will also keep the hotel’s rates down. Single rooms will be just $60 a night, while doubles with cap at $153. Henn-na Hotel only has 72 rooms though, so competition to stay overnight will be fierce. By 2016, the hotel plans to add another 72 rooms, and likely another fleet of humanoids to get you settled in.

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