More frightening than those bruises, broken bones, or arthritis, your old skateboards have come back to haunt you. Carved from the remnants of shattered boards by designer Beto Janz, these creepy heads mysteriously started to appear around the town of Curitiba in Brazil—no doubt hunting down the jumps and flips that killed them. Read on for the story behind these spooky designs, if you dare…

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guerilla art, Recycled Materials, skateboards, Ultra SKate Store, urban art, beto janz

The busted corners and feathered wood of each destroyed skate deck lend themselves incredibly well to the dead-face look expressed by each piece. Eerily antagonistic, the eyes appear to almost condemn onlookers for failing to hop that one railing, or, for some, not ever having skateboarded at all.

Each of Janz’s skulls have been marked with a sticker, leading whomever may have discovered the unlikely icon to the Ultra Skate Store; a shop, as it turns out, that Janz was promoting. Maybe the truly scary thing is how ubiquitous modern advertising has become.

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