A new silicon chip for your smart phone could extend its battery life so that it lasts for weeks! Crossbar, a new tech chip start up, has developed a RAM chip that stores a terabyte of data, which drains a device’s battery less. With Crossbar’s super efficient chip, lugging your phone charger everywhere you go may be a thing of the past.

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We’ve all been there, strumming away at our smart phones when the battery quits, and no charger in site. Crossbar is aiming to make this scenario past tense by 2015. The company’s RAM technology design totally differs from the complicated and power-chugging system sitting in the back of your smart phone now. Crossbar’s system is made up of stacked bars of conductors arranged in crossed patterns (hence its name) on a piece of silicon. This RRAM system takes up less space to store more data, and accesses it 20 times faster, consuming 20 times less power to perform normal phone functions like reading and writing.

Crossbar is confident that their uber-energy efficient system can be combined with current chip systems, making a new generation of long-lasting cell phones. Coupled with other advancements in efficiency, the company foresees a smart phone lasting several days from a single charge in the very near future. The company hopes that this enhanced battery endurance will be a reality in just a year and a half.

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