Electric superbikes enable bikers to travel the roads knowing they are both cool and environmentally friendly. While prototypes have been developed to break speed records, there still isn’t a commercial version available for the average consumer. However CRP Racing have unveiled a prototype e-superbike at the EICMA motorcycle show in Italy that could be hitting the roads in the near future.

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The Energica combines an all-electric powertrain with 100kW of power with a classic Italian-style two wheeler motorbike. All of this results in a e-superbike capable of speeds up to 220 km/h, 16kgm of torque, and 150km of range on a single charge.

CRP Racing have also pushed the boat out on the Energica’s design with OZ forged aluminum braking discs and a power train efficiency around 95 percent. The superbike also features front double caliper radial mounts, a single rear fixed caliper, digital multifunction LCD dashboard and LED headlights.

To quote the CRP Racing website: “With Energica the electric motorbike is no longer just an example of alternative sustainable mobility, but has become a true model of high technology and design on two wheels, capable of giving you the same unique sensations as the traditional models.”

The superbike has been priced at around US$20,000, with a $2,042 deposit required.

Click here to see the Energica Superbike in action.

+ CPR Racing