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Naoya Matsumoto Design, tracing paper, Yorunoma Bar, Osaka, grotto-like bar, pop-up bar

Located in the Abeno-Ku ward of Osaka, the grotto-like Yorunoma bar sat in what was originally a common, blank gallery space. With the help of local residents, the clever desigers created the textural wall and ceiling surfaces by crumpling standard tracing paper and hanging it around the room. The finished rock-like appearance was amplified by placing dim, un-shaded bulbs between the paper layers to create a suffuse glow, as well as an interesting interplay of light and shadows.

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This unique venue worked as a bar all through the night and featured a central wooden table where friends could share food and drinks. During the day, the space held a series of workshops where people learned origami and other paper crafts.

This striking pop-up venue ran until last August and was designed as part of a summer programme at the Abenoma gallery.

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Photos by Takeshi Asano and Shizuka Takahashi