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The goal of the Utteraton Machine, which is powered by a solar power panel installed atop it, is to collect opinions from passersby about public art in NYC. Consisting of a speaker, an ear piece, and a viewfinder, the apparatus, which was fabricated by J.Stemmler and Northpenn Machine Works and programmed by B.Bahlmann, features a soothing British male voice that delivers a series of questions. Hackemann plans to compile responses to the queries, which range from “Would you like to see more or less public art in your neighborhood?” to “Should public art provoke discussion, or look pretty?”, as data for her research.

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The Public Utteraton Machine will be on display at Pvt. Sonsire Triangle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn until May 17. After its initial rounds in Queens and Brooklyn, Hackemann hopes to install the Utteraton Machine in other NY boroughs as well as in other cities.

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