Pedaling your way to clean water? You can do just that thanks to Japan’s Nippon Basic Company who have introduced “Cycloclean,” a durable bike equipped with a kinetic water purifier. Initially designed for disaster zones and remote villages, users can bike to virtually anywhere there is a water source, be it rivers, ponds, pools and even wells, and source their own clean water. The device is in fact powerful enough to siphon water from a depth of five meters! An innovative design, the Cycloclean could give way to life changing conditions in remote or contaminated villages around the globe.

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Aside from remote villages and disaster zones, the Cycloclean would be great for long distance bike riders. Pedaling the Cycloclean for just one minute can purify up to five liters of drinking water, which is more than the average person can drink in  a day (Imagine biking a daylong mountain trail, without having to tote or stop for clean water!).

But there’s a clincher – as of now, with Japanese production, the price tag of each system weighs in at around $6,600. As a result, most of the bikes thus far have been sold to local Japanese governments, with only a small amount being distributed to bordering countries. However, Nippon Basic does have plans to start production in Bangladesh to both help reduce the cost, as well as provide the water purifying opportunities to the Bangladeshi people.

We hope that the Cycloclean will be available for mass production, allowing purified water for all at only the cost of a little anaerobic exercise.

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Via PhysOrg