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Slated for the Blasieholmsudden peninsula, the building will include a variety of exhibition spaces and meeting rooms, a library and of course an expansive auditorium, where the annual Nobel Prize award ceremony recognises advances in science and culture. Inside, a large transparent ground floor opens up to visitors and creates an attractive urban community space. The building’s exterior is a brilliant mix of gleaming vertical brass and glass panels, emitting a dignified sophistication worthy of such a distinguished event.

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According to jury chair and Nobel Foundation executive director Lars Heikensten, the jury unanimously chose Chipperfield’s design for its open and approachable approach, which they felt represents the spirit and message of the prize itself. He explains, “The jury finds the lightness and openness of the building very appealing and consistent with the Nobel Foundation’s explicit ambition to create an open and welcoming Centre for the general public.”

The Nobel Center is expected to be completed in 2018; in addition to hosting one of the world’s most notable award ceremonies every December, it will also include a number of educational events and various public activities throughout the year.

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