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The north and south oriented plaza in front of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital is currently underutilized and fenced-off to the public. Davis Brody Bond’s design will transform the space into a useful multi-purpose park that will provide a venue for casual dining, a farmers’ market and other weekend and after-hours community, cultural and arts events. St. Elizabeth’s Gateway Pavilion is characterized by angular volumes and a green-roofed covered pavilion. Visitors and Employees of the hospital can approach the plaza from three distinct ways and the Plaza will be an iconic structure visible from many vantage points. At its highest point, the Pavilion is 22-feet high and will serve as the central point for many activities.

The plaza has been designed with sustainability and environmental responsibility as a driving goal. Rainwater will be harvested and stored in underground cisterns capable of supplying irrigation and water for restrooms. Photovoltaic panels, biodiesel and composting will help take the facility virtually off the grid. Additionally, the project will make use of recycled or renewable materials such as canvas, burlap, “grasscrete,” and reclaimed wood. No word yet on when the project will commence or when it is expected to be complete, but we’re certain this will be an important project for the community of Ward 8 and employees of the hospital.

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