Portland-based db clay recently celebrated its 10th birthday by unveiling its latest lineup of eco-chic wallets, and they’re all awash in in the vibrant hues and textures of summer. The visually evocative portefeuilles are billed as pieces of pocketable art, and each comes complete with a story that inspired its creation. Db clay’s slim and sturdy billfolds are waterproof, printed using environmentally friendly inks and dyes, and constructed out of a specialized material called “Tope” that touts a bevy of eco-friendly features.

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Db clay’s claim to fame is its versatile Tope material: it’s tough as nails yet smooth to the touch, and similar in texture to a vinyl canvas. It is composed entirely of non-toxic raw materials, is fabricated through a pollutant free process, and will even decompose once buried. The wallets are heat and cold resistant and have a pleasing tactile feel reminiscent of leather, which belies the fact that they’re 100% vegan.

The latest lineup from Db clay embraces a funky lost-and-found aesthetic that is replete with vintage colors and unexpected patterns. Time to Swim takes its cue from photos of vintage pools, while Dammasch is styled after patterns found in an abandoned hospital ward. Faith on Juniper features a lovely wood-grain texture transferred from an old inlaid box found in a thrift store while Grassy recalls a sun-soaked trip to the Sea of Cortez.

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