Dubai is already home to some of the most architecturally stunning, advanced, and excessive buildings in the world, but the Water Discus Hotel is a showstopper – and we just received word that BIG INVEST and Deep Ocean Technology have joined forces with plans to actually build the Water Discus Hotel and possibly duplicate it around the world. Created by Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology, the design called for a pair of sci-fi styled discs, one of which would be positioned 21 stories underwater. Those lucky enough to reserve rooms in the underwater portion of  this real life Atlantis would be treated to a fish-eye view of the Persian Gulf.

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According to a press release, BIG InvestConsult AG and Deep Ocean Technology GmbH (owner of the patent rights of the Water Discus Hotel (WDH) concept), recently established a joint company in Switzerland so that the WDH can be commercialized around the world. Currently, the new company is researching marine construction methods, looking for additional investors, and scouting possible locations for its underwater hotel chain. Apparently, specific projects are already under consideration for locations in the United Arab Emirates, the Maldives, Oman and Martinique.

The WDH’s discs, which would house swimming pools, a sun deck, SPA, restaurants and a helipad (among other things) would be interchangeable and buoyant, which means they can be used as lifesaving vessels if there were ever an emergency. There’s no word yet on what a stay in this magnificent hotel would cost, but we’re guessing it’s not in the average person’s budget.

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