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A vertical rectangular structure, built by an artisan from Buenos Aires, the building is constructed from both concrete and bricks, and the interior is encased in wood. Each door and window slides open and closed to form a box-like puzzle, with staircases turning up to an elevated wooden terrace. The steps also head down towards the arching slatted paths leading you to a bird-watching platform. Venturing even further afield you cross the continuing wetlands towards a swimming pool shared between the few residents of the area.

In keeping with it’s bountiful surroundings the conscientious design of the house complements the landscape. From certain angles, the structure appears almost transparent amongst the swaying reeds and spindly trees growing around it.

Solar panels provide the majority of the building’s energy needs and a huge central fire area takes the place of a plasma television, and the paneled wooden walls make the inside of the house as refreshing as outside.

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Images © Helen Morgan