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Using the festival’s theme of “Kiss the Sky,” Parren wanted to create a unique public sculpture that would stand out in the crowd, not only for its artistic factor, but also to serve as the festival’s heart, providing a central meeting place in the crowded venue.

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The artist, well accustomed to working with LED lighting, used metal scaffolding framework to build the sculpture’s frame, which he then covered in evenly spaced steel cables and triangular fabric panels. Inside the tower, a computer-controlled platform was installed with four LEDs that generated over 1,00 watts of light. The platform moved up and down the length of the tower as it projected the changing color patterns onto the panels,illuminating the tower in the process.

Although the project consisted of few materials, the construction process was quite complicated. “The LED platform had to able to move, be rigged very precisely, be programmable, calibrated to the structure, and emit enough light to ensure that we would have sharp coloured shadows on the banners,” Parren explained.

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