Turning architectural trash into treasure, Public Architecture’s new e-publication ‘Design for Reuse Primer’ provides excellent inspiration as well as plenty of eye candy for those looking to give a second life to materials destined for the local landfill. 15 projects are featured throughout the publication, showcasing the trials and success of using reclaimed materials in their construction – including a community center in New Orleans’ 9th Ward and a theater literally built from the stage of the auditorium that preceded it. The Primer offers a broad range of project types and geographical locations showcasing the inherent potential of reclaimed materials.

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TheDesign for Reuse Primer provides a holistic picture when it comes to reusing materials in projects through interviews with contractors, architects, clients, and specialists. “Part of the issue with using any kind of salvaged material is that… you can’t go in thinking you’ll get a brand new building,” says David Lake of architecture firm, Lake|Flato. “In fact, you’re not striving for that. You’re striving for a building that immediately has an intrinsic character because of the nature of materials.”

Sponsored by a generous Research Fund grant from theUS Green Building Council, the Design for Reuse Primer is a free, downloadable resource available to the public through the Public Architecturewebsite. The publication is part of a larger initiative by Public Architecture to provide knowledge and tools to inspire and facilitate reuse as a common practice.

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