Desu Design displayed their sleek surface line at this year’s BKLYN Designs, but their real show-stopper was this cutting edge Inversion bowl. Composed of a single slab of eco-friendly, renewable Richlite, the bowl’s functional form resides in that which has been carved away. The simple and sustainable tabletop monolith was a big hit for its beautiful sheen and smooth, tactile feel.

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Desu’s director, David Scott has said “I spend a great deal of my time seeking out the highest quality materials and vendors that are masters of their discipline. Learning about new technologies and how we can incorporate them into our designs is one of my favorite pursuits, and keeps our ideas fresh.”

This enthusiasm for future-forward materials and constructions is readily evident in their approach to design and choice of materials. Richlite is a renewable material that is beautiful, durable, and structurally stable. It’s composed of resin-impregnated paper cellulose and has been used in a wide range of applications ranging from tabletops to skate parks.

The inversion bowl has been CNC milled for a decidedly different take on the bowl: outside is in, its structure exists in what is carved away, and other Zen paradoxes. It’s even waterproof, so you can fill it like an empty cup. Just don’t let it overfill.

The bowl retails for $245.00 and is available through Desu Designs’ site.

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