Disguising your iPad as an old fashioned book may strike you as a bit ironic, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. BOOK by Nedrelow is a handmade cover that makes an iPad look pretty much exactly like a book. The cover will not only thwart would-be thieves, but will also protect your valuable book-a-like in the case of accidental droppage.

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Can you tell which one is an iPad?

It’s plain to see that BOOK is lovely to look at too. The minimalistic hard cover is made by hand, and inside a tailor-fitted sleeve snuggles your iPad safely. When encased in a BOOK, you can feel less paranoid about taking your iPad out at a coffee shop too.

The materials that make up each BOOK are also sustainable from the linen book cloth to the 100% wool felt sleeve. The natural German felt is a renewable material that has an innate durability and timeless elegance.

To make matters even cooler, bibliophiles can even have custom titles inscribed onto the spines of their BOOKs. So your BOOK can say anything from your name to the popular “This is Not a Book” to the name of an actual book like Wuthering Heights or Moby Dick. Just make sure you don’t end up filing your iPad on a shelf full of books and forget which one it is!

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