This imaginative cardboard arcade is the awesome creation of nine year old Caine Monroy. After spending his summer vacation in his dad’s used auto parts store building a fun-filled series of elaborate games from cardboard, Caine opened up the arcade to the passers-by of his Los Angeles neighborhood. Like a regular games hall, Caine offered special deals – $1 for two turns, and $2 for a five-hundred turn ‘Fun Pass’. But even with deals like that business was slow, and Caine’s chances of getting a rush of customers were small. Until one day, independent filmmaker Nirvan Mullick stumbled on the arcade while looking for a car-part, and this chance meeting changed the success of the arcade, and the story, forever.

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Caine had spent months perfecting the design of the games, crafting prize displays, and even preparing paper-lunch-gift-bags. When Mullick spotted the arcade a flashmob was organized and they descended on the store. All these new customers turned the arcade into a new LA hot-spot, all while making Caine’s day in the process. Mullick then made this cool short film of the whole story which has since become an internet sensation, and the rest is history.

A new scholarship fund was recently established in order to to send Caine to college. The fund asks for a small contribution of just $1, and now theGoldhirsh Foundation is matching all donations to help support more creative and inspired kids like Caine.

+ Caine’s Arcade

+ Short Film on Caine’s Arcade

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Images courtesy of Nirvan Mullick