If you are like most Americans, the thought of biting into a nice, juicy cricket probably doesn’t hold much appeal. But many countries around the world consider insects to be a real treat. So how can we shift the perception from ‘yuk’ to ‘yum’? Sexyfood thinks they have the answer: by wrapping insects in gorgeous gold and black cans developed by Atelier Design, Sexyfood hopes to turn the lowly bug – including grasshoppers, waterbugs and scorpions – into a rare treat.

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The line of insect containers is meant to dress up insects and re-brand them as sort of a delicatessen – like escargot or caviar. Each product has its own number and package design, and inside is a different insect with its own sauce.

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According to Sexyfood, the concept is based around a sort of wine-tasting with insects idea: “The concept itself is very simple: why don’t you surprise your friends with something different, like an insect-tasting session? Sexyfood provides all the ingredients for an unforgettable evening. The appearance of the products – the logo, style and packaging – all help to create a special experience. The luxurious packaging has a definite air of mystery.

Insects are a wonderfully sustainable source of nutrition, despite being overlooked in the West, so perhaps the idea will be the trick that will push Americans into the world of insects. What do you think? Does the idea tempt you to give an evening of insect munching a go? 


Images via Packaging of the World