Most people have heard of China’s appalling dog meat trade, but did you know that dog and cat skin is also used to create leather goods like gloves, belts and pet toys? According to a new report from PETA Asia, the Chinese meat and leather trade is using the flesh of dogs and cats in order to squeeze out every penny of the manufacturing industry.

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An investigator working for PETA filmed workers grabbing dogs around the neck using pinchers and then striking them over the head with a wooden pole. Dogs waiting for their turn are hit as they are lead to the kill floor.

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The leather from the trade can be turned into fashion gloves, work gloves, belts and other leather products exported from China. PETA is sharing a video documenting the process in order to remind people of the real impact of the fur, meat and leather trade on the animals who are sacrificed for it.

Warning: the video is graphic


Images via PETA