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The designers developed the concept to allow budding gardeners to install the dome themselves, which they say can be erected “quicker that any current building in equivalent size.” Hard to believe when the connecting segments resemble a complex hive! The team’s original ‘HUB’ simplifies the process by allowing segments to be simply slotted together.

Sitting atop a concrete foundation, the domes are structurally sound and insulated from the base. The design is clad using greenhouse film and insulated to have a reflective finish from the inside out. An array of plastic water barrels are painted black and line the inside to capture heat generated during daytime, which then helps to maintain a higher temperature within the greenhouse at night.

As the levels of photosynthesis are expected to be that much higher, the dome also provides a shorter harvesting period. And along with the insulation and the water banks, the dome is able to produce flourishing plants all year round.

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Images courtesy of Domegrown