Everyone’s favorite Drumpf is at it again. Last year, presidential-hopeful Donald Trump lost his Supreme Court case to prevent the construction of a wind farm that would “ruin” the view from his luxury golf course off the coast of Scotland. But it seems that defeat hasn’t deterred The Trumpster, because this week he filed a lawsuit against his neighbor. Why? Because their solar panel array is causing unsightly glare in Trump’s luxury Fifth Avenue penthouse.

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Trump owns a 3-story penthouse at the top of the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue with views of Central Park. Coming as a shock to absolutely no one, the penthouse was designed to look like the Palace of Versailles, complete with – why not – 24-carat gold and diamond accents. But Trump is apparently not impressed with the way his neighbor’s solar panels glitter off his diamonds. Trump reportedly has one of the best views of the park in New York, and he isn’t about to let an awful thing like clean,green energy mess that up.

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Given the “Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator’s” track record and opinion on climate change – which, unsurprisingly, Trump believes can be chalked up to changing weather patterns – it is hard not to wonder if he would have been as angry if it were merely an oil derrick or coal train ruining his view. Perhaps someone should start a funding campaign to help Trump’s neighbor with her legal fees.

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