This week, Donald Trump became the presumed Republican nominee in the race to the White House, and almost immediately outlined an energy plan that could radically change the course of history. Speaking at an oil and natural gas conference in North Dakota on Thursday, Trump promised to withdraw the U.S. from the COP21 climate agreement, open up Atlantic offshore oil drilling, and welcome the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Effectively, Trump would reverse many key decisions made in recent years to protect the environment, and invite destruction, all in the pursuit of profit.

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Trump’s energy policy was shaped largely by the advice of Kevin Cramer, a U.S. representative from North Dakota, who addressed the crowd before Trump took the stage, along with oil tycoon Harold Hamm. The presidential hopeful also cozied up to Hamm during his speech, whose advice also contributed to his hazardous energy policy. Trump, a longtime believer that manmade climate change is a “hoax,” didn’t mention those feelings in his speech, but he didn’t have to.

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With regard to the COP21 climate deal, Trump promised to reverse President Obama’s commitment, saying instead that he will only work with “environmentalists whose only agenda is protecting nature” and to “focus on real environmental challenges, not the phony ones.” Those comments make it clear that Trump distrusts the mounting scientific evidence about the human origins of climate change, as well as the goals agreed on by 195 national leaders from around the globe.

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