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For the temporary exhibition, EMBT designed prefabricated modules of laminated spruce wood, held together with zinc-coated steel joints. Once fitted together, the modules arc in the shape of a dome, which can be disassembled and reused again and again by Copagri. The modules can also be joined together to make larger structures, grouping two or three domes, or one larger dome.

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Inspired by tree branches, the walls of the dome are made of interwoven pieces, creating a semi-transparent surface that blends the exterior with the interior. From the inside, visitors can imagine that they are inside a giant basket. The inner shell is lined with transparent PVC sheeting to seal off the interior and make it water proof.

At the peak of each dome the structure opens out, and can house service elements like lights, antennas, and the sound system. The peak is also open, creating constantly circulating ventilation through a stack system, keeping the interior cool despite the PVC lining.

Inside, the domes host farm to table vendors, offering a rotation of organic foods, as well as cooking demonstrations and small exhibits. At night, the dual domes function as a giant light fixture, illuminating the plaza and acting as a welcome center.

+ EMBT Architects

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