For cyclists, safety is certainly the number one concern when riding at night. Sure, most blinking lights will increase your front and rear visibility, but what about the all-important side angles? Well, now you can get the Down Low Glow from Rock the Bike, a tubular light that attaches to your bike, lights up the night, and looks phenomenal!

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Sure, they may look like a neon lights in a low-rider car, but these Down Low Glow lights look way cooler on a bike where they actually serve a purpose. Thanks to its tubular design, the Down Low Glow lights up both sides of a bike as well as providing additional lighting to the bottom of the bike. This additional light gives the impression that the bike is wider than what it really is, thus making it more likely that any passing vehicles will give you more space.

The Down Low Glow is powered by a rechargeable battery, is 12.75″ long, and should fit most bikes. It comes in a number of colours and will set you back $109.00 at the Rock the Bike Store.