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It!me’s fundamental aim is to reduce waste as much as possible while still providing a clean and hip fast-food experience. The first branch’s walls are made with concrete blocks clad in a non-woven geotextile fabric that is then covered with slats of coniferous plywood that are fastened to the wall. This combined with prefabricated wheelchair accessible tables also attached to the wall gives the space a lot of flexibility. The deciduous plywood chairs were cut with an NC milling machine and stuck together with a harmless glue.

The company has paid a lot of attention to ensuring its packaging is as sustainable as possible. Using only recycled and recyclable paper along with a small sleeve with a stamped logo for the burgers, cakes and wraps, It!me has cut their paper use down to 25% of that used by conventional fast food companies. Sadly, because they have a small budget, they did end up having to use plastic for their carbonated beverages, but they’ve offset this by providing recycling bins in the restaurant, which are then collected by a waste management company.

+ Joanna Pszczółka

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