A little while back we were taken on an emotional roller coaster ride by a teak bathtub. When we spotted William Garvey’s stunning wooden bathtubs and basins, it was love at first site. However, a day (and an hour of research) later, we felt hugely let down when we realized that the purported “sustainability” of these beautiful teak pieces didn’t quite live up to the description, as the material was coming from the Burmese rainforest. Fortunately, a clever reader spotted a company making similarly beautiful pieces – only using fallen branches and ecologically harvested wood, instead of environmentally suspect Burmese Teak.

Irish company Driftwood hand makes lovely wooden baths, sinks and Japanese ofuro from a wide variety of ecologically sustainable wood. The company recommends and prefers working with native wind-blown wood, as they have a partnership with Lisnavagh Timber Project, an Irish company collecting timber from fallen trees. However, in addition to the windblown option, customers can pick from a broad selection of European and “exotic” certified woods.

Driftwood offers free shipping to (lucky) customers based in Ireland. Happily, they take international orders as well, although overseas customers have to pay for their own shipping.

+ Driftwood Handmade Wooden Baths

Thanks Brendan for the tip!

If anyone else spots similarly sustainable cute wooden baths, please let us know.