Social gatherings always give way to coats messily thrown on chairs. To inspire guests to hang their coats properly, Joey Zeledón has made the experience engaging by displaying the hangers. Aptly dubbed The Coat Check Chair,  Zeledón’s design cleverly uses colorful hangers stacked on a metal frame to provide unique seating, while also promoting coat storage. The chair also uses only found objects – tubular steel from a closet rod and standard plastic hangers – so there is no new material used in its creation.

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The Boston-based Zeledón conceptualized, prototyped, and even made a short animation to explain the thought behind the design of the chair. The simple form is so appealing, that is easy to see why it Zeledon’s concept was selected for a Design Distinction in this year’s I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review. We can also imagine that guests would be drawn to the whimsical appearance, and might even test out the chair’s comfort before taking a hanger off to hang their outer wear.

[youtube width=”537″ height=”358″][/youtube]

Jack Bredendoerder, judge in the I.D. Magazine’s Design Review, commented that the Coat Check Chair “is just a brilliant idea. Simple, useful, clear.” We agree completely!

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