This soaring Wave Tower has been dubbed a “seascraper” for its planned proximity to the waterfront of downtown Dubai. Conceived by A-Cero, the design saves energy with a unique skin and incorporates green zones within to filter the air and boost the living quality of the 92-floor building.

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The Wave Tower is designed with a double-skinned silk-screened window system that reduces heat gain. Its structure consists of four triangle sections that gently twist around each other, forming a fragmented peak. Inside is a series of sky gardens that filter the indoor air while creating a pleasant place to spend an afternoon. The design vaguely promises to use ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies to save energy and water.

Like the massive Burj Dubai, the Wave Tower would be a small city unto itself, offering condos, a hotel, offices, shopping, a desalinization plant, and a wastewater treatment plant. Although the Wave Tower was slated to begin construction last year, the economic crises has shifted that timeline.

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