Dell likes to be first. They were the first to market laptops directly to college freshmen through bro-friendly language, first to ship their computers in mushroom-based packaging, and, if their recent move is any indication, the first to take wireless charging capabilities mainstream. According to a press release, Dell recently became the first major PC manufacturer to support a wireless charging standard by joining the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). Despite the obvious genius of wireless charging technology, technology makers have been slow to adopt it, and though growing, the number of third-partywireless charging options are ridiculously low. That’s all something that could change with Dell and other A4WP members leading the way.

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Although they may be the first PC maker to join, Dell is far from the only big tech company to become a member of A4WP. Current membership boasts over 80 companies, including board members from Broadcom, Gill Electronics, IDT, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, SEMCO, and WiTricity in addition to other industry leaders such as Fujitsu, Haier, HTC, LG, Panasonic, and SanDisk.

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The Alliance’s goal is to standardize wireless power transfer using near-field magnetic resonance technology called Rezence. This technology, while uniquely capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously and without the need to dock the device, hasn’t yet made it into a single device. With its recent endorsement of the technology, however, many hope Dell will lead the charge.

Simultaneously with Dell’s announcement, A4WP introduced a secondary, higher-powered initiative focusing on wirelessly charging electronic products from 20 to 50 watts, like Ultrabooks and laptops.

“The development of magnetic resonance technology will improve the customer experience when it comes to wireless charging and bring the capability into more homes and businesses over the next few years,” said Glen Robson, Dell VP and CTO. “We are excited to work with other industry leaders in the A4WP to deliver on the promise of easy, flexible wireless charging across an array of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.”

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