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Dubbed Reet Barn (we are guessing “reet” is the Dutch word for “reed”) the structure is located in Alkmaar, a part of the Netherlands known for its cheese market. 24H Architecture designed the barn with a square base and a wooden roof “that is tilled towards the prevailing south-western wind blowing over the open polders.” The large overhangs protect the barn from wind and rain and create covered areas for both work and rest.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the coolest things about the Reet Barn is that the reeds used to cover the roof were cut at a local lake just 5kms away from the build site. As for the inspiration behind the roof’s shape, 24H says “Its waving pattern reflects the wind, like it makes waves in the water.” And it’s not just the roof that is sustainable – the rest of the structure is all FSC certified birch wood.

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