We’ve covered Amphibious Houses in the past, and the Dutch seem to be the masters of designing floating homes — for obvious climatic reasons having to do with their wet marshy landscape. Now Dutch developer DuraVermeer adds their rendition of water-bound living with the addition of 26 amphibious homes in Massbommel in the Netherlands. Each of the brightly colored homes are built on the hollow concrete cube base that is anchored to the land by a single vertical pile. All utilities, including electricity and water are brought into the house through flexible pipes that allows each house to adapt to a 13 foot rise in the water table.

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While the houses are not exactly cheap, starting at $310,000, DuraVermeer says the demand is still high and gaining international interest. Officials from New Orleans have visited Maasbommel to take a closer look at the floating houses and see how they might take the concept back home to address the similar climatic issues on the gulf coast.

A developing company in the construction and innovative industry, DuraVermeer continues to look for new ways of co-operation between different markets and governments. The design of the floating houses was an innovative and provocative challenge for the company to take on. + DuraVermeer’s Amphibious Houses

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