“We offer a wide-array of customizable, modern prefab homes that verifiably exceed all standards of quality and efficiency.” As a company motto, Dvele makes it sound simple. The truth is, this innovative, San Diego-based company really does make sustainable living easy as evidenced by its range of customizable homes that are built for modern living.

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The prefabricated houses are ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. Every home is self-powered, a plan that was underway well before Dvele’s home state of California implemented solar panel requirements on new construction.

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Each model in the Dvele collection is a smart home. We’re not just talking about having a video doorbell at the front door and a programmable thermostat in the hallway. These homes are actually intuitive, meaning they learn as time goes by, making adjustments for the health of the inhabitants and the resources of the environment.

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What does that mean? It means anticipating your needs and puppeteering the systems in the home to accommodate. For example, a Dvele home will learn what time you typically shower and queue up hot water in the system in preparation. With over 300 sensors and a system called DveleIQ, the homes monitor every aspect of home health, such as measuring air quality inside the home through levels of CO2, carbon monoxide, VOCs, particulate matter and formaldehyde off-gassing. Over time, the system even identifies where the problem is occurring and balances out the air quality by pumping in fresh air. This intuitive design also warns of upcoming maintenance to ensure the health of the home and its occupants. This is achieved by monitoring energy consumption, living patterns, doors, locks, lights, temperature settings, air quality, water temperature and more.

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Every home is preloaded with solar panels and ultra-efficient features such as tight insulation and passive temperature control through window placement and shading. As a result, all Dvele homes are Passive House Certified.

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