Not since Tesla electrified the auto world with its lean green supercars has an all-electric vehicle gotten pulses pounding this quickly. Germany-based auto manufacturer E-Wolf recently unveiled images and specs of their new e2, a 537 horsepower plug-in sports car that boasts slick Italian styling and a 0-60 speed of under 4 seconds.

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Even though supercars tend to be ridiculously fast and ludicrously expensive, the trend towards high performance plug-ins proves that electric vehicles can more than keep up with their gas guzzling counterparts.

Upping the ante in this field, E-Wolf’s e2 will be propelled by four in-wheel 134 horsepower electric motors that produce a total of 536 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive gives the vehicle plenty of traction to stay on the road, which is handy when cruising at the vehicle’s top speed of 155 mph. E-Wolf claims that the vehicle will have a 187-mile range on a full battery and will be capable of charging completely in 30 minutes thanks to an innovative flat cell Li-Tec battery.

Kai Schönenberg, Marketing Manager at e-WOLF has stated “Our aim is to offer a 2-seater extreme sports car in 2011: the e-WOLF e-2 . . . It will achieve dynamic vehicle performance that is sure to be very impressive . . . Here at e-WOLF, we can certainly envisage our e-2 participating in a 24-hour race in the next few years.” The first prototype of the vehicle will launch in 2011, with full production to start soon thereafter.

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