Industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue transformed the commonplace rickshaw into Eclipse, a high-tech and stylish means of transportation designed for the 21st Century traveler. The three-wheeled human-powered vehicle is ubiquitous in South America and Asia, so the Filipino designer decided to give it a modern update. Flanked by circular privacy panels made from woven recyclable polyethylene, this cushy rickshaw even comes with an iPhone docking base, cup holders, and a cooling fan.

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Cobonpue, who is best known for his furniture design, specializes in weaving together structures using organic fibers and materials. In keeping with his focus on sustainable design, this rounded rickshaw is built with a lightweight aluminum and steel frame woven together with recyclable polyethylene. The spokes on a bicycle wheel inspired the tight radiating weave that connect the circular frames.

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Insulated acrylic fabric is laid overtop the structure to protect passengers from the elements. The seats, handlebars and headrests were constructed from hand-stitched weatherproof vinyl and fabric. Though the curvaceous Eclipse vehicle looks stunning in pictures, it’s hard to tell how well the white pedicab will perform on messy and overcrowded city streets.

+ Kenneth Cobonpue

Via Fast Company

Images via Kenneth Cobonpue

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