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Clay design is a much-utilized medium in Heimermann’s buildings, touted to be a forgotten sustainable material which can provide warmth and insulation. Budget-friendly and energy-saving are also attractive descriptors of these clay creations. Low-energy and passive houses are at the forefront of this architect’s body of work. The philosophy of these homes stresses building methods that reduce heat loss as well as CO2 emissions, a byproduct of heating and air conditioning systems.

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Through sustainable construction, reduction of fossil fuel usage is possible and this is what Heimermann envisions for the future of environmentally friendly design. Reusing existing architecture and materials is “ecologically sensible,” according to the designer. And becoming creative with these dated spaces, especially in terms of using practical heating and cooling systems, bodes well for the future of green construction. Prospective designers and everyday dwellers alike will benefit from the expansion of Heimermann’s ideas for “amicable balance between nature and culture.”

+ Udo Heimermann

Images via Rosencrantz GmbH and Udo Heimermann